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    We have released the Raspberry pi OS (64bit) version of VNET Plus.

    We have released the SD card of a VNET Adaptor (for Raspberry pi OS)

    We have released the Windows version of VNET Plus.

    We have released the Android version of VNET Plus.

    We have released the VNET Plus version 2 with enhanced security such as DoS attack/replay attack countermeasures.

    We have opened the English version of the VNET Plus homepage.

    We have opened the VNET Plus homepage. Thank you.

Overview of VNET Plus:

VNET Plus integrates all networks including the Internet into Huge Secure LAN.
In other words, it definitely realizes secure P2P communication regardless of where the other party is located.
There exist various kinds of restrictions on the actual network world.
This is because actual networks are comprised of 3 different types of networks, such as the IPv4 global network, that is the Internet, IPv4 private networks, and IPv6 address networks.
As the result, for example, communications cannot be initiated from the side of the Internet towards IPv4 private networks (This is the so-called “NAT traversal problem”).
Also, as IPv4 and IPv6 networks are not compatible, direct communications are not possible.
Moreover, If the network used by the device is switched to another network under a different router during the communication, the IP address changes and as a result, the communication cannot be continued.
However, if you install the VNET Plus application in end communication devices, you can dive to the world of the VNET Plus network, and this enables you unconstrained communications, without worrying about such restrictions.
Although certain special support devices for VNET Plus are required on the Internet, users do not need to be conscious about the existence of these devices.
VNET Plus encrypts all communication packets and gives an authentication code to each of them.
In addition, VNET Plus is extremely secure because it provides a mechanism that allows mutual communications as long as the devices belong to the same group.

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    It establishes a P2P (Peer to Peer) communication route without fail no matter where your devices are located.

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    Communications continue even if the network is switched to another network during the communication.

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    P2P communication security:

    It performs P2P authentication and encryption process between communication devices.

Utilization of VNET Plus for remote work from home or while being on the go:

It is possible for you to get access to the server installed in any location from any client working at home or while being on the go.
You will be able to use application programs you have been using as they are.
The way of getting access to the server from a remote location is quite the same as that from inside the office.
The existing TCP/IP network environment can be used as they are.

Development of new network applications:

With VNET Plus, you will be able to develop new types of network applications based on your new ideas.
Thus far, limited types of network systems such as the client/server system have been realized due to the restrictions from the existence of NAT. However, with the introduction of VNET Plus, it is no more necessary for you to consider any network restrictions.
From the perspective of network devices, the virtual IP network realized by VNET Plus will be indeed just like a huge LAN that straddles across the world.
Information can be freely exchanged between end devices by way of P2P.
For client/server systems, VNET Plus allows you to place the server in a private address area.
Information can be freely exchanged between servers set in different private areas.
Also, network devices can be established as a secure communication group isolated from other communication groups.